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National Visa Program to End

By National Grange Press Release (March 2016)

  APRIL 11, 2016 --

UMB Bank will be terminating the National Grange Visa Platinum credit card program effective May 1, 2016.

What does this mean to Grange cardholders?

Cardholders will continue to be serviced in the same way that they always have been.  This spring, around the program termination date, each cardholder will receive a letter notifying them the card program that they are currently participating in is ending and they are being transferred to a UMB branded card.  The letter will outline any changes to their program and rewards program.  Cardholders are directed to contact the call center with any questions.  Of course they will also have the option to close their account with the call center directly or using traditional channels should they choose to do so.

Thank you,

National Grange

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