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Symphony of Healthcare DVD available
  MARCH 2008 -- The National Grange Legislative Department will be offering free DVD copies of Dr. Louis Sullivan’s “Symphony of Healthcare Delivery” address that was presented at the 141st Annual Convention in Reno, Nevada.

Dr. Sullivan, the former U.S. Secretary of Health and Human Services, encouraged delegates attending the National Grange Convention to continue pressing to make health care more accessible for rural residents. Dr. Sullivan pointed out several necessary reforms in order to make sure all patients receive the best possible treatment.
President George H.W. Bush appointed Dr. Sullivan U.S. Secretary of Health and Human Services. He is a graduate of Morehouse University in Atlanta and he received his medical education at the Boston University School of Medicine. He has taught there, at the Harvard University School of Medicine, and served as the first president of Morehouse University School of Medicine.
To see a preview of the speech, please go to www.youtube.com/nationalgrange.  
To order a free copy of the 40 minute DVD for your local Grange, please contact Samantha Johnson at sjohnson@nationalgrange.org or 1-888-4-GRANGE, ext 109.


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