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From The Lecturer's Desk
From The Lecturer's Desk: My Favorite Spot in Connecticut - 3rd

By Marge Bernhardt, CT State Grange Lecturer

  February 5, 2016 --

By Philip Rowland, Oxford Grange 3rd Place Winner in our Essay Contest

Ah, it’s a most congenial spot, our Camelot; not an outstandingly scenic or exciting place but it’s nevertheless my favorite spot – and my wife’s as well. It is not far from our house but for best appreciation is preferably reached by walking the long way, which usually takes a couple of hours. A pleasant walk it is though, somewhat remindful of our farming days in a way. The walk itself allows reveries regarding past pleasures in the area, such as family and Grange picnics, ball games etc., since we often spent time there in days gone by. So, when my wife and I finish our walk while mowing the lawn we seat ourselves and sip cool soft drinks in our favorite spot – under a shade tree in our own back yard. The birds are chirpin’, the lawn looks great, it smells nice, and all’s well with the world.


Reading this on a cold night like tonight, I can picture a summer scene with two very contented people enjoying their own Camelot. What is yours? One of these cold nights why don’t you take pen in hand and tell us all about yours. 150 words or less is all that it takes. Once warm weather comes, why not take some pictures of your special place and enter them in our Photo Contest.

HAPPY VALENTINES DAY! Let’s hope for an early Spring.


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