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Junior Grange News
Junior Grange News: Notes from Hillstown Jr. Grange

By Michelle DeDomimicis, CT State Grange Junior Director

  SEPTEMBER 2016 --

Hillstown Jr. Grange #87

Corr: Michelle DeDominicis

Wow - summer sure did go by quickly - School is already back in session and we are harvesting what is left of our gardens. A BIG Thank You!! to all those that participated in the Luncheon held on 7/31 during the CWA craft contests – we raised over $300 towards the State Junior Granger Fund!

Notice to Juniors and Junior leaders - I am looking forward to your entries in the craft and photo contests at state session. Make sure to check out the rules in the blue book.

Plans are underway for an exciting adventure during state session. This adventure will be held Saturday during the conference from 9:00 to 11:30. Please let Michelle DeDominicis know if you have Juniors or Young at Hearts that would be interested in participating.

Also - this year - we will be holding the Junior Speech and Sign Language contests during state session as to changes in the National rules. If you have a Junior interested, they will need to be signed up by 9:00 am Saturday of state session - contest will be held after the Junior Luncheon. Contest rules can be found on the National website. All first place winners will then be able to participate in the National contests. (at contestants own expense)


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