Saturday, December 15, 2018
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Around The Grange
December News from Colchester Grange

By Bonnie Trecarten

  December 9, 2016 --

Our annual Awards Meeting was held and as always, we thank Lois Evankow and Ted Beebe for the continuing contributions to our Grange. We also welcomed Anne Marie Knochenhauer from Groton Grange and guest Mary Mingo from Norwich Grange. Several awards were presented by Ted Beebe from the State Grange Session: Polly Leonard/ Joan Toomey- returning community service report. Polly Leonard- Outstanding Ag Professional 2016. Joan Toomey – Outstanding Lecturer’s Program 2016. CWA: Polly Leonard- Ag growing to Colchester Grange. CWA – Dot Mrowka- Class K- 2nd place; Bonnie Trecarten- Hat – 3rd Place; Cathy Russi- Craft – 1st place. Maureen Taylor- Class D – 2nd place.

The following members received certificates from State Grange presented by Ted Beebe: Blanche Bass- 40 years, Marion Culhane- 25 years, Walter Pieniadz- 45 years, Julie Swick- 40 years; James Swider – 45 years, Wilma Zemko- 40 years. The following members received seals from the State Grange – Phyllis McCall- 70 years, Selah Palmer- 65 years. The following members received Golden Sheaf Certificates for 50 years of service- Steve Misovich, Joan Toomey. Congratulations to all.

Our community service activities continue as we made donations to the Haitian Health Foundation and local food banks. We also sent greeting cards to Veterans for the Holidays.

We also received a thank you from Haitian Health Foundation for our contribution to Hurricane Matthew Aid.

Our CWA Chair Cathy Russi has some exciting trips for 2017, please contact her for all the details. Hope all had a nice Thanksgiving.


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