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Public Relations News
Public Relations News: Time to Secure the Future of Your Grange

By Terri Fassio, CT State Grange Public Relations Co-Director

  April 7, 2017 --

Many Granges are securing their future by taking in new younger members, while other Granges scratch their heads and wonder how to get the youth and younger people interested and involved. According to a number of studies, Millennials (folks born between 1980 and 1995) are public service motivated, and generationally, are over 90 million strong.

Did you know that 89% of the public is likely to switch from one brand to another (quality being equal) if the second brand is associated with a good cause? *

Did you know that 66% of the public will give recommendations if the products/ services/organizations are socially responsible? *

Did you know that 74% of Millennials are more likely to pay attention to an organization’s message if that group has a deep commitment to a cause? *

The Grange as a whole has a socially-based, community service oriented mission. There is no better time than the present to promote your Grange’s strengths.

This is the age of social media, texting, e-mail and growing technologies. This is also the age of interactive and connected communications - where folks share their good experiences, ideas and promote their messages on every platform - and on the flip side share their bad experiences as well. How as a Grange can we take advantage of capturing the attention of today’s younger generation?

Here’s a few tips:

• Promote your Grange on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, YouTube, SnapChat etc. Contact the CT State Grange Public Relations team to get started.

• Make note of your members’ e-mail addresses, and then send out frequent updates keeping all of your members in the loop with the latest Grange news.

• Hold events and activities that appeal to all ages. It’s all about the experience!

• Evolve your Grange by differentiating from the rest. Promote your Grange’s mission at every turn. Make your Grange relevant and capture attention.

• When in doubt, just ask. And know how and when to say Thank You too.

• Let younger people participate in your Grange. Take them seriously. Don’t put down their ideas and suggestions. Allow their input to matter. Let them be an active part of planning your Grange’s events and activities.

Source: * Cone Millennial Case Study, “Marketing to Millenials” by Colleen Dilen.


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