Saturday, December 15, 2018
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Around The Grange
April News from Colchester Grange

By Bonnie Trecarten

  April 13, 2017 --

At our March meeting we welcomed special guests State Master Noel Miller and Marcia Miller along with Ted Beebe, Master Norwich Grange and State Membership, and Lois Evankow, Lecturer Lyme Grange and Flora East Central Pomona. We also had a very special attendee: Hank the Burro joined us and was decked out in his party gear sporting 4 really cool sneakers from his recent trip to Montana. Hank was the perfect guest, and we welcome him back anytime.

Our school project for hatching chicks in elementary classrooms is coming along well, with incubators donated by Polly Leonard and Chris Bourque to be added to classrooms soon. This should be a fun and educational project for the students.

Various seed packets for the upcoming growing season were offered by Noel Miller to all our members, with assorted vegetable and flower choices. Several members chose to add carrot, radish, cucumber, squash, sweet pea and sunflower seeds to their gardens. Hope all our Grange gardeners have a productive growing season.

Noel also introduced the new Grange magazine “A Good Day” which is available to purchase. Our Grange is looking forward to our first issue arriving soon.

We continue with monthly Bingo at Apple Rehab and cooking at Harrington Court. These efforts are very much appreciated by the residents at these facilities, and volunteering is very fulfilling for our members that contribute to these projects. The needs of the Food bank in Willimantic were discussed and clean plastic containers with tops are needed. Also, Cathy Russi offered beautiful Shamrock pins with the proceeds going to the Harrington Court Residents Council. All were purchased.

As always contact Cathy Russi for upcoming trip offers, there are still a few openings.

Good luck to all working on your farm related craft projects with judging to be held at Norwich Grange on June 3rd.

Let’s hope the recent snow disappears soon and we can all get outside and welcome Spring.


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