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Around The Grange
May News from Wallingford Grange

By Dan Lauttenbach

  May 9, 2017 --

May 11: “Gardening” by Vern Grant. Ref: Lisa

May 25: “132nd Wallingford Grange Anniversary” Ref: Jane and All Officers

Meetings in March: March 9 – Janet Haller put on a CWA program titled “Down on the Farm”. We learned what state programs, projects: grange trust fund, scholarship fund and camp Berger Maintenance fund, My Sisters Place and contests: NE Needlework will be for this year. Did a word find out of this year’s themes. Also had a round-about reading by picking a topic by opening an egg from a basket of Easter Eggs that contained topics from this year’s programs, projects and contests. At our April 27 meeting we will bake some oatmeal cookies using this year’s state recipe.

March 23 – Jim Lamoureux put on this meeting’s program titled: “Connecticut Maple Sugaring”. The traditional sugaring season in Connecticut runs from early February to late March. The ideal weather for the sugaring season is warm sunny days for maple trees to start yielding sap and yet stop the sap at night when the temperature drops below freezing. The sap is a colorless liquid that contains about 2 to 4 percent sugar. The sugarmakers as the maple syrup producers are called collect this sap and boil it down. Usually it takes about 40 gallons of raw syrup to get 1 gallon of maple syrup. Once the season begins the sugar makers work at it almost around the clock since the sap will keep flowing during the season and it needs to be boiled down as soon as possible because otherwise it will spoil.


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