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Around The Grange
May News from Prospect Grange

By Jean Meehan

  May 14, 2017 --

Prospect Grange is so proud to announce that Brittney Ward, one of our members was just hired as a crime scene forensic technician. With some help from Prospect Grange Scholarship Fund and eight years of schooling, she accomplished her dream. Congratulations, Brittney! Brittney follows Staci Puto the granddaughter of two long-time Prospect Grange members becoming a teacher that fulfi lled her dream with the help from funds from the Prospect Scholarship Fund. Congratulations, Staci.

April was Grange month and Prospect Grange sponsored an essay contest at Laurel Ledge School in Beacon Falls. This is another school in the Region 16 school system. The contest is about what is my favorite season? Grades three, four and five are participating. Cash awards and certificates of participation will be given to those winners the first week of May.

Easter food baskets were made up and distributed to elderly citizens that have no family. Easter plants were given to our Grange shut-ins.

Our Grange Open House held at the Community Recreational Center was well attended. We are hoping this open house brings us new members.

We are looking forward to permanently moving into a room at the Community Recreational Center located across the street from our old Grange Hall.


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