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Public Relations News
Public Relations News: Visibility & Communications

By Terri Fassio, CT State Grange Public Relations Co-Director

  June 7, 2017 --

Visibility is vital to the success of the Granges across Connecticut. You may have heard “I see the building every day but never knew what it is used for,” or “Aren’t they a group of farmers?” No matter how important you personally feel the Grange is to your community, you should not expect that everybody will know what the Grange is, or even know that the Grange exists.

The more visibility the Grange has, the more positive community support it will attract, the more pride the membership will have in the organization, and ultimately the more members it will gain. It’s a simple formula.

Communication is essential to Grange success, both internally and externally. Favorable media exposure means recognition in the community, acknowledgement of Grange activities, services and accomplishments and a higher profile of your Grange among potential members. Internally, it will help build pride in membership that will grow a more successful Grange. From building awareness and credibility to supporting fund-raising efforts, well-executed public relations efforts can make the difference between achieving the Grange’s goals or falling desperately short of them. Granges need to explore different communications methods, and implementation strategies that will deliver the greatest impact. With a little advance preparation, each Grange can ensure that they are ready for any community opportunity that comes along.


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