Sunday, October 20, 2019
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August News from Excelsior Pomona

By Jean Meehan

  August 7, 2017 --

Aug. 13: Pomona Picnic at the home of Al Maddox

Sept. 20: Last Pomona Meeting as Excelsior Pomona

Our meeting at Bridgewater Grange was our next to last meeting as Excelsior Pomona #7. The program was all about baby pictures. We had 5 entries. Two were identified and the other 3 no one guessed who they were.

Al Maddox from Bethlehem Grange was the youngest baby. Tina Meehan from Prospect was the cutest baby. Barbara Robert from Bethlehem and Jean Meehan were tied for the oldest baby girl. Tom Honyotski from Beacon Valley was the oldest baby boy.

A thank you was given to Bridgewater Grange for their hospitality. Our next and last meeting will be Sept. 20 at Oxford Grange.


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