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Public Relations News
Public Relations News: Do You Know the Grange Basics?

By Terri Fassio, CT State Grange Public Relations Co-Director

  September 7, 2017 --

Who, What, Where, When, Why and How? These are the six basic questions that are taught in English classes to help students learn and understand situations, thus giving them the ability to think and write in context. Do you know the answers to these basic questions when asked about your Grange?

WHO — Who are you? This is most often the name of your Grange, yet can also apply to the origins of your Grange name. Is your Grange named after the town in which it resides, or does it have another historical significance. Other aspects to this question apply to members, as well as to the group in which the Grange serves. Who are Grange members? The core membership is what often sets the Grange apart from other organizations.

WHAT — What is THE Grange? What is YOUR Grange? What is the National Grange? … the State Grange? … the Pomona Grange? There are many answers to these questions based on the context in which the question is asked. But ultimately, you should be able to succinctly and clearly be able to describe the function of your Grange and the activities and projects that it undertakes.

WHERE — Where is your Grange? Yes, this is the specific PHYSICAL address of the meeting location of your Grange (or event location in some instances). But it can also be a less specific community-based area that your Grange covers. This is often called a “target area.”

WHEN — When does your Grange meet? When is your Grange’s event? These are the most common questions you may have to answer as a Grange member. Every Grange must meet at least once a month. In most cases, these meetings are planned ahead of time on a consistent and specific schedule. Grange members may not commit to memory every Grange meeting date, but should at least be able to answer the meeting question easily (such as the first and third Fridays of each month.)

WHY — Why does your Grange exist? Why does your Grange tackle certain community service projects? Why should others care about your Grange? This is where a Grange Mission Statement may make answering the question an easier task. The CT State Grange Mission Statement is as follows:

“The mission of the Connecticut State Grange, a fraternal organization with roots in rural and agricultural history and the Grange ritual, is to serve as the unifying and supportive organization of community and district Granges in programs of community service, family activities, legislation, and other activities relevant to local communities.”

HOW — How will your Grange implement its projects, activities, and even its mission? “How” fills in the blanks. It’s the background research and the tools used. “How” explains all aspects used by your members to carry out community service projects, family-oriented activities, meetings, etc. in which your Grange is involved.

In most cases, the answers to these questions are quick and easy - a couple of sentences at most. Granges need to make an effort to educate their members in the basics. When Grange members can talk “Grange Basics” - then they are the front line of your Public Relations and Communications team.


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