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From The Lecturer's Desk
Thank you to everyone who participated

By Marge Bernhardt, State Lecturer/Programming Director

  SEPTEMBER 2008 --

Thanks to all who attended our 2nd Annual Let’s Celebrate at Good Will Grange Hall.  I hope everyone had an enjoyable time. 

Photo Contest Winners were as follows:

America The Beautiful
1.  Barbara Foskett, Cheshire
2.  Ruth Posuniak, Marlborough
3.  Jean Meehan, Prospect

1.  Lois Evankow, Lyme
2.  Ken De Dominicis, Hillstown
3.  Dawn Perkoski, Enfield

Grangers In Action
1.  Ellen Hendrick, Vernon
2.  Lois Evankow, Lyme
3.  Jean Meehan, Prospect

Family Celebrations
1.  Pat Ridzon, Coventry
2. Russell Gray, Ekonk

Historical Places or Events
1.  Gretchen Hendrick, Vernon
2.  Ellen Hendrick, Vernon
3.  Russell Gray, Ekonk

For the first time in several years we had entries in the Youth Contest.  These can be either Junior Grange members or children or grandchildren of Grange Members.

The Youth Winners are as follows:

America The Beautiful
1.  Christian Schirmer, Vernon
2.  Alisa Lacasse, Hillstown Junior
3.  Shannon Mathews, Hillstown Junior

1.  Alissa Lacasse, Hillstown Junior
2.  Shannon Mathews, Hillstown Junior
3.  Mary Burlette, Hillstown Junior

Family Celebrations
1.  Shannon Matthews, Hillstown Junior

Grangers in Action
1.  Mary Burlette, Hillstown Junior

Historical Places or Events
1.  Angelina DeDominicis

By the time you read this Lecturers Conference will be a thing of the past.  As I write, it starts in a couple of days.  My thanks to all who are attending.  You have all been terrific helping to fill in the holes in the program.  I have always said that Connecticut is the best, and you have proved it once again.


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