Thursday, December 13, 2018
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November News from Oxford Grange No. 194

By Robert Buck

  November 14, 2017 --

Nov. 3: Neighbors’ Night - Music Program, 7:30 PM

Nov. 17: Annual Thanksgiving Potluck Dinner, 7:00 PM

Watch Facebook to see if G.O.M.A.D. will hold an event in November due to the last Friday’s proximity to the Thanksgiving holiday.

By this time, the handicapped ramp should have been completed due to the efforts of Oxford Selectman Jeff Haney. As this is being written in early October, construction has just begun. We are looking forward to the increased accessibility this will give the Grange Hall to more people. Other improvements made included several door repairs to bring the building into compliance with fire safety codes back in September. Plans are under way to raise money for other door and window repairs.

The quadrennial report to the town to keep our tax free status has also been completed. This is the first done by the current secretary and not by former treasurer Phil Rowland who took care of it for many years. Another thing to be learned; it came to me by a rather circuitous route as officials in town hall didn’t know where to send it so it was delayed slightly in getting to me.

In early October, representatives of Oxford, Bethlehem, and Beacon Granges met Christopher Cleland of American Senior Benefits and Manchester Grange at the Painted Pony Restaurant in Bethlehem to talk about using his services and knowledge to network better among Granges as well as other local non-profits in order to boost Grange membership and create new programs for the Grange that can enhance public exposure for the organization.



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