Monday, October 19, 2020
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Around The Grange
February 2018 News from Killingly Grange No. 112

By Glenna Bruno

  February 27, 20183 --

Feb. 27: 2 P.M. Meeting, Bluegrass at night

Happy New Year and a healthy one to all. I’m sitting here by my window looking out at the lovely snow but not wanting to out in this dreadful cold. Something we haven’t had in quite some time. The last half of 2017 was riff with sickness and sadness as we lost our Master Eleanor Davis (G.S.) in Dec. This was her second and last time as Master of Killingly Grange. Eleanor’s Church of the Nazarene was her comfort and they held a lovely service for her with the help of her son William and family on Dec. 22nd. The State Master Noel Miller attended her wake the night before. Eleanor belonged to the Grange for over 70 years and she knew her ritual and was a proud member. We shall miss her “homey” ways.

Another member on the sick list was Bruce Kohle as was Nancy McCoomb, one of our newer members and Nancy also lost her husband in 2017. At present, our Master-elect David Griffith and family have all been homebound with some bad colds, flu, or whatever else going around.

At our January meeting, we will drape our charter in memory of Sister Eleanor. It will be a busy day as our first bluegrass concert will be performing. All are invited. Other bluegrass dates are in Feb. and March as will be our meetings in the afternoon.



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