Tuesday, October 20, 2020
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March 2018 News From Killingly Grange

By Glenna Bruno

  March 16, 2018 --

Mar. 5: Reg. Meeting or Call

Mar. 19: Reg. Meeting or Call

Apr. 2: Reg. Meeting

Killingly Grange #112 held their Jan. meeting on Sat. the 27th at 2 P.M. - As we will be doing in Feb. during the winter months for the convenience of our elderly members. It was also a busy day as we had to drape the Charter for our Past Master and Golden Sheaf member Eleanor Davis who passed away earlier in the month. Her church held a lovely service, if you call a funeral service lovely. I’m sure Eleanor is at peace in that glorious Grange above.

Installation of our new Master David Griffiths was also held on Jan. 27. This is a “first” for us at Killingly Grange in many years – as he is the first male Master since Mervin Whipple. Best of luck, David! The Grange members will help you as much as possible. Just ask!

Our Blue Grass Show in the evening was well attended preceded by a chili dinner put on by Bruce Kohl and Committee. Mildred Briggs provided the lovely apple pies for dessert.

David Griffith and wife Sue and Glenna Bruno attended the new Eastern Connecticut Pomona meeting held at Ekonk Community Grange - More on that in the Granger. Our St. Pauly collection of “good clothes” is still going on. We do receive a monetary stipend from that and we Grangers don’t have to work to earn it.



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