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Family Activities News
Family Activities News: New Projects

By Irene Percoski, CT State Grange Family Activities Director

  April 5, 2018 --

I hope you are all working on an entrée in the craft contest and the “Door Decoration” contest. The craft contest theme is “Pirates and Treasure”. There will be two categories, Needlework (any kind) and Other Medium. These entries will NOT be returned as they go to the Big E for sale in the Country Store. The Door Decoration can be anything you would hang on an outside door. No size restrictions. These entries are returned to you after the judging except the winners which will be displayed at our State session. There is no subordinate judging on either contest.

It has been announced at National that the Grange is now Partners in a mission with Quilts of Valor Foundation. This program allows Grange members to create quilts and present them to veterans in their community and teach the art of quilting to novices and young people. For guidelines and other important information on this project please contact the National Lecturer, Christine Hamp at 509-953-3533 or lecturer@nationalgrange.org or mail to 16418 N. Birdie Road, Nine Mile Falls, WA. 99029. If anyone in your Grange or community is not a quilter, you can donate your Hall for “sew days”, give batting, fabric or longarm services, or raise money for purchase of supplies. This would be a wonderful Community service for your Grange.



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