Thursday, October 29, 2020
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Around The Grange
April 2018 News from Killingly Grange

By Glenna Bruno

  April 13, 2018 --

Apr. 2: Meeting

Apr. 15: More Info Later

Apr. 18: Farmers Dinner – Locals Invited

Here we go again. It seems I’m always a month behind. Well at least everyone knows what we are doing or have done and that Killingly Grange is still active (but a little behind). Forgive us we are all “elderly” and doing the best we can.

Our special events so far are a corned beef and cabbage dinner held on March 14. On April 18th we are planning a spaghetti dinner for all local farmers. We know by “special invitation” so be on the lookout for one in your mailbox. But you must RSVP for our cooks.

We are getting a new facelift. Our entry is being painted white and it certainly looks good so far and much brighter. More to be done on the trim and the floors.

We discussed having the hall used for outside activities or other parties. Just give one of our officers a call for arrangements for opening the hall, dates, etc. for a “donation.”

There’s an old saying “A day late and a dollar short”- guess that’s where I fit in.



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