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Community Service News
Community Service News: Open To All Granges

By George & Sharon Russell

  May 12, 2018 --

The Connecticut State Grange Community Service Grant Program is open to all Granges that participate in the Community Service Program. If you received the grant in 2017, you are eligible again this year if you start a new Community Service project. Your Grange can receive up to $150 by filling out the grant application. You should have an application in the materials that were passed back to you at State Session last year. If you cannot find them let me know and I will get you the application. You can email me at georgerussell1948@gmail.com

Last year we introduced a new program from our State Grange. The National Grange has a recognition award for firefighters, law-enforcement officers and teachers of the year award. Last year we did not receive any applications. We would like to try it again this year if your Grange would like to submit an application for this award; you can get the application on the National Grange website or you can let me know. I will make sure you receive one. All applications should be submitted to George and Sharon Russell by September 1, 2018 so they can be honored at our State Session in October.

These two programs could help your Grange with money to finish a new project or to recognize a member and your Grange for their outstanding community service. Please discuss these applications at your Grange meeting in the near future and the members may have qualified recipients.



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