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Around The Grange
June 2018 News from Nutmeg Pomona

By Joanne Cipriano

  June 14, 2018 --

On April 15th, Nutmeg Pomona met at Cheshire Grange for Installation of Offi cers. Roy Harrington did the honors assisted by Betty Jane Harrington, Maureen Sanborn, Mary Alyce Lee and Wesley Dymoke. The following officers were installed: Master Donald Lanoue, Overseer Charles Dimmick, LecturerLois Evankow, Steward Gino Piancentini, A.S. Thomas Honyotski, LAS Betty Jane Harrington, Chaplain Cindy Hupper, Treasurer Marge Bernhardt, Secretary Joanne Cipriano, Ceres Janet Haller, Pomona Karen MacDonald, Flora Cindy Legg and Executive Committee: Robert Sendewicz, Roy Harrington and George Ward.

The name Nutmeg was a suggestion of Joanne Cipriano who made favors for everyone – a bottle of nutmeg with the following scrip attached.


The nutmeg and I have a lot in common. For instance:

• Nutmeg has been around for many years – so have many of us.

• Nutmeg gets along with other ingredients – so should we get along with our fellow granger.

• Nutmeg is used for many things – so should we be versatile and try new things.

• Nutmegs are rough and egg-shaped – The first degree tells new members that they are not chosen by outward appearance.

• Nutmeg is slightly sweeter than many spices – and so are some grangers sweeter than others.

We should accept everyone as they are.

• Nutmegs can be purchased in the hard shell for self grinding or already ground in bottles – just as us

Grangers – some take the easy way and other the hard way.

Nutmeg helps regulate blood pressure, relieves pain like arthritis, promotes digestion, improves brain health, detoxifies the body and treats insomnia.

We do not have to impress others by being the jack-of-all traits – we should just be ourselves. Looks like we picked the right name!

Our next meeting is in September. We will give you a heads-up.



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