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Around The Grange
June 2018 News from Oxford Grange

By Rob Buck

  June 14, 2018 --

June 1: Summer Fun

June 15: June Madness

June 29: G.O.M.A.D. Potluck Supper and music, 7:00 PM supper, 8:00 music starts

As of the end of April, we received good news that Selectman Jeff Haney was in treatment for his illness that interrupted the handicap ramp construction project. By May, the project was planned to resume with two volunteers from the American Legion under Jeff’s advisement. So the project continues, though we will need to raise more money for the decking once the frame is done. The gardens continue to develop with plantings and landscape revisions to fortify the soil and retain moisture in the ground. Our March and April weekly Permaculture Salon presentations by the self-styled Mugworts group in the Grange were very successful and we anticipate continuing them perhaps on a monthly instead of weekly basis. In the warmer months, we are planning to use these times as outdoor work session for the gardens to get more of us involved in the work that needs to be done. Many hands make light work!

The chili cook-off was very successful with over 40 in attendance and over $400 raised. Thanks to the eleven chili cooks and Martin for providing music. Congratulations to Glenn on winning #1 in the cook-off, and Eloise Osuch of Bethlehem for placing #3. The #2 winner was a visitor and not a Granger.



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