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Around The Grange
July 2018 News from Killingly Grange No. 112

By Glenna Bruno

  June 13, 2018 --

July 2: Meeting

July 16: Grange Picnic at Quaddick Lake, 6 P.M.

All our meetings have been held. I missed a May meeting. I guess I’m getting tired and forgetful. Our Silent Auction and Pork Dinner went well. We made a good profit. The pork dinner was great. We served about 72 people.

Our June meeting was well attended and all officers were present. Our new Master presided over the meeting. We voted in one new member.

Our second-hand stove is in but not hooked up and we have to move out the old wrought iron stove.

Upcoming Events: July 16 Picnic, Aug. 4- Yard Sale. Hopefully a cabaret and peach shortcake dinner. Also on Aug. 8 will be a cold buffet.

Our election of officers remained the same with the exceptions of Glenna Bruno choosing to decline Lecturer.\ Pat Valyse suggested having revolving lecturers programs by each member. A planning meeting was suggested but no definite date as yet. Also a dinner on September 15 is being planned. More on that later.



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