Monday, October 19, 2020
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Around The Grange
August 2018 News from Cawasa Grange No. 34

By Lin Erickson

  August 14, 2018 --

Two great ladies of the Grange have passed on to the Great Grange above this summer.

Vivian C. Shaw was a very devout Granger. She belonged to Granby Grange and knew the degree work by heart for all four degrees. The last time that I heard Vivian as Master of each degree, she could no longer recite from memory because of a stroke that had taken its toll on her, but even with her affliction she read them in such a way that anyone not watching would never have known she was not reciting from memory. She was one of two installing officers on the Farmington Valley Pomona installing team. At that time, Vivian and I looked much alike, or so many people thought. If I came into a Grange hall and said hello, people looked at me like I had lost it and said we already said hello to you. I knew Vivian had gotten there before me. She became the second lady master of Farmington Valley Pomona. When she served the Connecticut State Grange as Flora, her stage was beautiful with the trellises that Lyall made for her. And, as was her wont, had the ladies in her court and others working feverishly making the pink roses that would adorn them. She was a willing worker and could be found volunteering or helping out in any way she could. She worked at the Connecticut Agricultural Fair in several capacities and could always be counted on to rake some leaves each spring at Camp Berger. Even when she could no longer stay in her home and went to Kimberly Hall in Windsor, her desire to help the Grange did not stop. She wrote notes and made telephone calls to promote activities. Vivian was a great friend to the Grange and to me. I will miss her.

Frances M. Sarnecki was a very active lady in Simsbury Grange having served 12 years as Master. She was a nurse at St. Francis Hospital and after retiring took her volunteering very seriously. She served the North Central Area Agency on Aging, the Simsbury Aging and Disability Commission, Seniors of Simsbury and Farmington Valley Chapter of AARP. When it came to any questions on aging and seniors, Frances was the lady to ask. She devoted time at each meeting to answer anyone’s questions and would gladly contact members afterwards to discuss any items that were confusing or troubling them. Frances and her husband, Ted, worked hard on Grange fairs and other activities. Very outgoing in such a pleasant way, she made everyone feel welcomed and comfortable. Although my visits to her home were few, I always lingered because talking with her over tea was such a pleasant experience.



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