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From The Historian's Desk
Connecticut’s first Pomona

By Edith Schoell, State Historian

  NOVEMBER 2008 -- South Glastonbury - Nov. 22, 1886
“There being now no State Grange law regulating the organization of Pomona Granges in this state, permission is hereby given Earl Cooley and others to organize such a Grange in the Town of Berlin and to include members of Berlin, Burritt, Newington, Whigville, Union, Meriden, Mattabessett, Westfield and East Hartford Granges, they pledging themselves to abide by such rules and regulations as shall be established in the meeting of Connecticut State Grange Dec. 7, 8, 9, 1886." -- J.H. Hale, B.C. Patterson, W.F. Andross
At 10 o’clock a special meeting was held at Berlin Grange Hall in the Fourth Degree.  After welcoming speeches by Master Cooley and Mortimer Whitehead, National Lecturer of New Jersey, it was voted to organize a Pomona Grange.
“In the afternoon the names of 130 Fourth Degree members were reported as having paid the charter fee of 50˘ each....”
“Thereupon such members were obligated in the 5th degree by W. Master hale assisted by Lecturer Whitehead and instructed in the secret work of the degree.”
“Voted that in order to complete the organization of a Pomona Grange each of the Granges here represented shall be entitled to four votes and that the highest officer of each Grange present have power after consultation with his delegates present to decide who of his associates shall cast such votes...
The following officers were thereupon elected by ballott:
    W. Master J. M. Hubbard of Middletown
    Overseer Earl Cooley of Berlin
    Lecturer J. S. Kirkcham of Newington
    Steward A. W. Saunders of Whigville
It was voted to appoint a committee of one of each of the voting members from each Grange represented to retire and prepare a list of the remaining officers.”
After the remaining officers were selected and voted upon, it was voted to have them installed by Bro. Whitehead.
A committee was appointed to consider a name for the Grange.
“Voted to hold the next meeting at Mattabessett Grange in Middletown on the last Tuesday in December at 10 o’clock forenoon.”
“Committee on the hame for the Grange reported the name of ‘Central Pomona’ which report was accepted.”

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