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Youth News
November Youth Department Notes

By Donald Lanoue, State Youth Director

  NOVEMBER 2008 -- Hi everyone. I hope that you are all enjoying this autumn weather. As of this writing, I have received many youth reports that look like the youth and young at heart are once again participating in the youth contests. With several entries in the scavanger hunt and many reports to read, I thank all that have taken the time to fill them out.
Starting in the next couple of days the National Grange will be holding their annual session here in Cromwell. Through many hours of hard work we hope that this session is a great success. Though I have pushed through my articles in the Granger just as all of the other chairpeople have done to get you to come and see the session, I have just received a little extra bonus to come.

A special CONGRATULATIONS for Victor Salazar from Eureka grange and also a member of the State Youth Committe will be the Master for the National Youth Officer Corp. He and sixteen other youth will open the National Grange on Friday morning. Please try to come to support Victor for that morning.
On November 22 will be the planning meeting for the youth committee I have many ideas from you the members and I hope that we can work something out to get more people involved with the youth and our programs..

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