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Stitham Honored; Receives Quilt of Valor
  AUGUST 26, 2018 --

Norman Stitham of Lyme Grange #147 received a “Quilt of Valor” at the July 5 meeting of Lyme Grange.  The quilt honors his service in the military and was pieced by Lois Evankow, quilted by Frances Walsh and the binding was by Lois Evankow.  Also present was his wife, Marilyn.

The following note was received from Brother Stitham following the ceremony:

“Thank you!  Thank you!  For the honor of receiving a “Quilt of Honor” for my service to our country.  Sixty-eight years ago I took a pledge to “Preserve, Protect and Defend the Constitution of the United States, as my family and ancestors have done since the Revolutionary War in 1776.  We were and are just ordinary people who love this country and the flag…

The honor of receiving the “Quilt of Honor” I do in memory of family members who suffered wounds and some paid the ultimate sacrifice.  I have a motto I go by:  “Freedom Isn’t Free.”


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