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National Grange: Plan to take the 7th

By Bruce Croucher, High Priest of Demeter

  APRIL 27, 2018 --

It’s not too early to think about National Grange Convention.

We will be meeting in Stowe, Vermont this year and would love to have a nice class of candidates for the Seventh Degree.

As many of you are undoubtedly aware, restricted finances have made it necessary to reevaluate programs across the Grange, including the Seventh Degree.  This is especially true as we’ve had a dwindling number of people attending or participating as candidates in the Degree in the past several years.  While no decisions have yet been made, in the future we may have to go to a smaller venue for the degree work.

This year, we will be at a theatre in Vermont, so we will be able to use the standard staging.  There may not be many opportunities for that in the future.

I would hope the Masters of State Granges would begin encouraging members to attend, especially those who have not received the degree.  Perhaps having a special session or two in your state for the Sixth Degree might be an incentive for people to participate in this grand conferral.

A class of 1,000 would certainly help to defray the cost for the National Grange and New England is a great place to help reignite the passion for this wonderful tradition.

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