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From The Historian's Desk
The 1889 National Convention
  NOVEMBER 2008 -- "The National Grange, as you all know, held its last session in Sacramento, at the invitation of the State Grange of California.  Aside from the Master and wife, who went as her representatives, Connecticut sent twenty Patrons, a larger number than from any other State.  We went in our own special car (train), as did also the other delegations from New England.

At Chicago and Kansas City, several more carloads of Western and Southern Patrons joined us, and we went on as a special train, with banners flying, that all the world might know who and what we were.  It was an interesting and pleasant journey, and on the summit of the Sierras we were met by a special committee appointed by the State Legislature of California to entertain us. 

On arrival at Sacramento, we were tendered a grand reception by the city.  Both of their United States Senators, several Congressmen, the Judges of their Superior Court, and many other of their State officials were on hand to greet us, and we were made at once to feel that we were the guests of the State.  The session lasted for eight days. 

Reports from many of the State Granges indicated great prosperity, while from some other States the reports show a weak organization and a lack of work or ability to work, on the part of those who should be our leaders. 

Possibly I ought not to say it, but four years experience in the National Grange has convinced me, that as a rule, the longer men stay at the head of a State organization, the less useful they become, and it would be well if all States would adopt the California plan of electing an entire new set of officers every two years.  For if the old leaders are valuable they are just what is wanted “in the ranks,” while, if they lack in ability as leaders, the sooner they take the back seat the better."

Report of State Master J.H. Hale
at the Fifth Annual Session of the Connecticut State Grange
January 14, 1890

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