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National Grange: Be 1 in 1,000

By National Grange Press Release

  JANUARY 6, 2018 --

As we celebrate the first 150 years of service by Grange members across the nation, we unveil a new initiative that will propel us into our next century and a half:  The 1 in 1,000 Club through the (National) Grange Foundation.

The Foundation is National Grange’s 501(c)(3) charitable non-profit that supports initiatives of the Grange including training and activities for Juniors, Youth, leadership development and outreach opportunities for all members, deaf activities, the Kelley Farm and many other causes close to the hearts of the Grange family.

The 1 in 1,000 Club, introduced during the 151st Annual National Grange Convention in November and officially launched on Dec. 4 (the Anniversary of the Grange), allows you to invest in the future of the Grange while taking your place at the table of an exclusive support club with a limited 1,000 spaces available.

To join, fill out the attached form to reserve your place in the 1 in 1,000 Club and choose to be invoiced or make a payment in full or payment plan to contribute the $1,000 to the charitable Grange Foundation – a contribution that may be tax-deductible; contact your financial or tax advisor.  Club members will enjoy some exclusive benefits including invitations to special dinners and events, detailed correspondence about the Foundation’s activities and more.  Club members will also receive a pin and certificate to honor their status in the philanthropic circle.

The form to make donations to the 1 in 1,000 Club are available by visiting nationalgrange.org or by contacting the National Grange.

There will only be 1,000 members of this group in perpetuity.  When the member passes away, the membership may be first made available to an individual designated by the late Club member but will require a “renewal” payment of $1,000 in order to keep the membership number.  Should the designated individual not wish to renew the membership, it will be offered to the person at the top of the waiting list (or general membership if 1,000 are not already assigned).  Groups (Granges, other Foundations, other organizations) who wish to become members of the Club will require renewal every 10 years of $1,000 in order to keep their number.

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