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From The Lecturer's Desk
From the Lecturer's Desk - Lecturer's Conference is On

By Marge Bernhardt

  JANUARY 5, 2019 --

Thank you.  I really appreciate all the cards and phone calls I received after the electrical fire at our house and my falling.  Until you are in a situation like that it is hard to imagine what every single one means.

Your Northeast Lecturers are proud to announce that there will be a Lecturers’ Conference this summer.  While plans are not yet complete I can tell you that it will be in Massachusetts and it will not be at a college.  Our aim is for better accommodations and a lot less walking.  There will also be a new format to the conference.  As soon as I have some definite information, I will get it out to everyone.

The Essay Contest for 2019 is entitled “My Grange”.  Now might be a good time to start your entry.  It must be 150 words or less.  The second place winning entry from 2018 follows…

My Favorite Food

by Nancy Weissmuller

When I walked in the door, hungry for my lunch, and saw my Nana turning the handle on the shiny silver bucket held between her knees my heart would leap for joy.  It meant that when I came home after school I’d be met by that lovely smell of baking bread when I opened the door.  I would breathe in the aroma I loved so well until Nana, telling me to get out from under her feet, took the four golden loaves from the oven.  Then, as I brought her the glass butter dish she would tell me (again) that I’d get a stomach ache if I ate warm bread.  I loved to watch the butter melt into the thick slab she cut for me before I took my first, delicious bite.  Then the next day I could have my favorite sandwich for lunch – tuna salad on Nana’s homemade bread!



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