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Mountain Laurel Pomona Grange January 2018 News

By Todd Gelineau

  JANUARY 23, 2019 --

Mountain Laurel Pomona held a wonderful Christmas Meeting in December at Taghhannuck Grange Hall in Sharon.  The program by Lecturer Lin Erickson was entertaining and a lot of fun and all enjoyed their grab bag gifts.  We have printed the 2019 meeting schedule for the Pomona as we know it today.  Locations for all four meetings are yet to be determined so please watch this space in the Grange for updates.  At least you can “pencil in” these dates on your 2019 calendars.  In the meantime, everyone at Mountain Laurel Pomona No. 15 wishes you a wonderful New Year!

March 2:  Meeting, location TBD, 4 P.M. (Sat.)

June 1:  Meeting, location TBD, 4 P.M. (Sat.)

Aug. 31:  Meeting, location TBD, 4 P.M. (Sat.)

Dec. 1:  Meeting, location TBD, 2 P.M. (Sun.)

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