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From The Lecturer's Desk
Remember when

By Marge Bernhardt, State Lecturer/Program Director

  JANUARY 2009 --

Happy New Year!  It’s 2009!  Wow!  Remember when we use to look at pictures taken at the turn of the century (1800 to 1900) and everyone looked so funny.  Remember those guys standing in front of a huge pile of snow with their shovels looking so proud of the fact that they had shoveled the street out in the center of town or of everyone posing in front of the first trolley that made it into town. 

Now the teenagers look back at the 50’s with their poodle skirts and sack dresses, bobby socks and saddle shoes and laugh.  Time just keeps marching on.

Please don’t let it get away from you.  Get started on your Grange projects.  The long nights of winter are the perfect time to write to a soldier or work on a program for a convalescent or nursing home.  We all need to use the Grange projects and contests as tools to get others interested in our Order.  Don’t let time get away from you. 

In the 50’s the Grange was booming.  We went out chasing gavels and gimmicks and our halls filled up for neighbors nights.  What will your Grange look like in 2050?  Now is the time to get more active.  Plan ahead.  Set a deadline to get others interested.  How about Grange Sunday in June?  Plan now to bring your friends.  They will see the Grange at its best and meet new friends from all over Connecticut.

Need help?  I’m here to help and I am as close as your phone or computer.  Just call 203 272-4620 or e-mail to:  mbcb76@cox.net.  Don’t be afraid to ask.  It is my job as your Lecturer.

See you around the State…..


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