Wednesday, October 21, 2020
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February 2019 News from Vernon Grange
  FEBRUARY 1, 2019 --

Happy New Year to all from Vernon Grange. At our January meeting we welcomed in 2019 by singing and signing Auld Lang Syne. We learned a few new things to make us healthier, wealthier and wiser in the new year. Courtesy of our  local fire department, we got red magnetic pouches with bright yellow forms  to fill out and place on our refrigerators in the event that emergency personnel need our current medical information. We encourage you to contact your local fire department for the information pouches.

Vernon Grange is conducting a  collection of new, unused towels for benefit of Chrysalis Center in Vernon and Stafford.  Chrysalis Center provides housing and support services for previously homeless veterans. If you wish to contribute to our towel drive please contact us for donation and pickup details. Thanks so much!

At our February meeting we will be treated to a presentation by a surprise guest speaker. March will be our grocery bingo night with food collection for the bingo winners and also for our local food pantry.

Our meetings welcome visitors, but are subject to weather related changes at this time of year. Please check to be sure our meeting is on before heading over. We do hope to see you!

Feb. 1:  Happy Chinese New Year, Surprize Guest Speaker, Refreshments-Jenn

Mar. 1:  Are You Hungry?, Grocery Bingo



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