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2019 Bridgewater Grange Scholarship

By Bridgewater Grange #153

  FEBRUARY 15, 2019 --

Bridgewater Grange will make one award in the amount of $500.00 to assist in the educational expenses of an eligible student who is pursuing agriculture-related studies and who

  • Demonstrates hands-on knowledge of and interest in farming through extra-curricular activities, work experience, family background, or other experience, and
  • Embodies the Grange values of character, citizenship, and community service.


  • Student must be a full-time resident of Bridgewater, Roxbury, Washington, New Milford or Woodbury (CT), and
  • Student has been admitted to and plans to attend, or is attending, a recognized program of study to further their agriculture-related education.


See 2019 Bridgewater Grange Scholarship Application for more information or email any questions to info@bridgewatergrange.org.


Scholarship Application Download Link: http://www.bridgewatergrange.org/downloads/13/BRIDGEWATER%20GRANGE%20SCHOLARSHIP%20(1).pdf

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