Wednesday, October 21, 2020
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Around The Grange
North Stonington Grange News for March 2018

By Nancy R. Weissmuller

  MARCH 7, 2019 --

We never knew there were so many parts to a bicycle!  Sue’s diagram had us all scratching our heads.  I don’t think anyone could name all of them.  We did learn a lot about bikes, trikes and motorcycles, though, at our Jan. 11 meeting.  We were very happy to welcome our Assistant Steward back to the fold.  Clyde has been recuperating from surgery for a few months and he has been missed.

We are back to two meetings a month now that old man winter has (hopefully) run his course.  Sings of spring should be peeping out in gardens.  The weather should be warmer.  Sue will be presenting her State Lecturer’s program on the 22nd.  She has taken first place at State for a few years now so you know this program will be really special.  Please come and join us.  And if the thermometer will just stay above zero for a few days, next time I’ll tell you all about fabulous February.

Mar. 8:  “Automobiles, Buses, etc.”

Mar. 22:  “Waterpower” Canoes, Rowboats, etc.


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