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Harmony Grange News for March 2019

By George Ward

  MARCH 6, 2019 --

Harmony Grange was saddened by the death of Gloria Ward on January 13, 2019.  Gloria held the office of Pomona at Harmony Grange at the time of her death.

As we are into the third month of the new year 2019, I would like to relate how our membership has been affected by members in nursing homes and by death.  At the present time, we have three members, to my knowledge, in nursing homes.  Gertrude Wilson a 70+ year member, in her high 90s, a Seventh Degree member, was a former Secretary and acted as Ceres when the Charter was draped.  She not only attended the meetings but helped out at Fairs and other events.  Arthur Luledjian, a WWII veteran, is in the former Masonic Home in Newtown.  He used to bring hens to our Agricultural Fair and played the piano at our meetings.  Nina Ten Eyck is in a local nursing home.  She attended meetings when she had to use two canes for walking.

Basil Dikovsky, a 50 year member, died on June 8, 2018.  He was a former member of Farmill River Grange.  He was an Assistant Steward for many years.  Being a graduate of the University of Connecticut with a degree in Agricultural, he was a big asset when we had our Agricultural Fairs.  Susan Sulier died July 17, 2018.  She was a former member of Trumbull Grange.  She was a former Lecturer and was Secretary at the time of her death, the most difficult office in the Grange.  Gloria Ward died January 13, 2019.  She was a 7th Degree member.  A former member of Farmill River Grange, she was a former Chaplain and held the office of Pomona at the time of her death.

All of the above were loyal, faithful members and could be called upon when help was needed.  They are difficult to replace.

Seed catalogs are being received so spring and the planting season must be fast approaching.

Mar. 8:  Refreshements at 6:30, Meeting at 7:30


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