Monday, October 19, 2020
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Around The Grange
April 2019 News from Enfield Grange No. 151

By Irene Percoski

  April 10, 2019 --

Apr. 13: Show and Tell

May 11: Lilacs and Tulips – Baking Contest.

Our program on the Shakers, especially those who lived here in Enfield, was educational in not only in what they believed but what they accomplished as a community. Several of their local buildings are still standing and still in use as private residences. They were industrious and inventive. The first mail order packets of vegetable and flower seeds originated right here. Although there are only 2 members left who reside in New Hampshire, their legacy lives on in many ways. We will look back on our own history in March as we celebrate 120 years. Our program will also be craft making, so come prepared.



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