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Around The Grange
May 2019 News from Stonington Grange No. 168

By Barbara Read

  May 14, 2019 --

On April 11, the Worthy Master, Trad Dart, opened the meeting and welcomed the many guests attending the Community Citizen Award Night to honor Marcia Tefft. Trad presented a brief summary of the history of Grange, its purpose and interesting statistics. He also spoke of Marcia‘s energy and devotion to family farming. The meeting was turned over to the Lecturer, Lila Cleveland, who read a bio of Marcia Tefft, explaining her many daily tasks on her parents’ farm and her community activities. Lila then went on a “search” with Bradley, Marcia’s son, asking all the officers of the grange,”Have you seen Marcia?” Finally Marcia was located near the secretary’s desk. The hunt was enjoyed by all.

A plaque honoring Marcia Tefft for her dedication to Family farming was presented by George Russell, the State Grange Master and his burro, Hank. A monetary donation and a flower bouquet were presented to Marcia by Trad Dart. Marcia thanked the grange for the plaque and donation. Bradley and his sister, Annie, gave their mother wrapped gifts and pansies.

Dick Wingate, grandfather and grange officer, offered some insight and stories about Marcia on the farm. When Marcia was about three years old and visiting the farm, she learned her first words as she heard her grandfather call the cows. She copied the phrase,”Here, Boss” saying “Hir Bi.” She also helps out at her children’s school as a chaperone and needed to be fingerprinted. The officer asked her, “How does a young girl like you get some many calluses on her hands?” The answer was performing all the daily farm chores!

The meeting retired downstairs for refreshments and fellowship. Punch, sandwiches, chips and a special cake were enjoyed by everyone as Judy Gray entertained with her guitar and singing.



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