Tuesday, October 20, 2020
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May 2019 News from Harmony Grange No. 92

By George Ward

  May 8, 2019 --

May 10: Meeting, Ref. before each meeting.

Harmony Grange has been holding its meetings in the afternoon instead of the evening. Several members do not drive at night so our attendance is larger. Please call ahead to get our meeting time.

Renovations have been completed on the lower level of the hall and items placed on the upper level have been moved to the lower level. This has permitted us to use the upper level for meetings again. We held our April meeting upstairs and we finally draped our charter for five members, Henry Barachina, Basil Dikovsky, Susan Sulier, Gloria Ward and Arthur Luldejian. They received that welcome plaudit: “Well done, good and faithful servants.” Karen Macdonald was our Ceres for the ceremony. Also in attendance for the meeting was our Deputy, Geno Piacentini and Past Voting Delegates to the National Grange, Robert (Bob) and Marge Sendewicz.

There will be no Spring Fair this year. The effort normally used will be utilized to organize and plan the Agricultural Fair scheduled for August 24. More information will be forthcoming in the coming months.

Spring is here, birds are singing, and the flowers and shrubs are blooming. Enjoy one of the best seasons of the year.



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