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Agriculture / Conservation News
Back from the Farm Show ...

By Dan Mutchler, Agriculture Committee

  FEBRUARY 2009 --

This Brother has just returned from the Farm Show in Harrisburg, PA and it was good to see support for farming and interest in agriculture alive and well. 

Ron Purinton and I had joined in on a Teamspeak meeting over the Internet with 30 Grangers all over the country talking about how to attract youth to the Grange, and we learned about the Farm Show Expo, and hopped in the car the next day to see it for ourselves.  We met up with Carl Meiss from the PA State Grange who was manning the Grange booth at the Show and had a productive conversation. 

The Farm Show is a large 8 day event with attendance over 500,000.  There were many tractors and a vast array of large farm equipment, lots of good food and animals of all types and sizes.  Let use never forget agriculture is the very foundation of the greatness of our nation and the basis of our organization.
The growing season is just around the corner and the Ag committee will be unveiling the agricultural contest shortly.  This committee has new leadership with Brother Ernie Finch at the helm, and we put much thought and energy into devising a contest which everyone can participate in and have fun with. The more participation there is the more interesting it will be for all.  Also we have a big event coming up in conjunction with the Legislative committee for Ag Day at the Capitol, March 18 from 10-1.  We will have a display at the State Capitol building promoting the Grange and current issues pertaining to agriculture.  Please visit us there to show your support.  Spring is coming!


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