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From The Historian's Desk
Times have really changed!

By Edith Schoell, State Historian

  FEBRUARY 2009 --

In the Annual Address of Minor Ives, Master of the Connecticut State Grange in 1930, he reported that the National Grange met in Seattle for the 63rd Session.  The delegates enroute were received by the Governor General of British Columbia and later on were the guests of the United States Navy on board the aircraft carrier Saratoga, which was open for the inspection of the Patrons at the Bremerton Navy Yard.
Some of the things National Grange was in favor of were:
Support for President Hoover and all enforcement agencies, of National Prohibition and the Volstead Act; an aggressive campaign against all insect pests, especially the Mediterranean fruit fly; enlarging the national forest reserves and increased Federal appropriations for agricultural research, plus more.
National Grange opposed consolidation of RFD routes that shall deprive any farm home of mail delivery privileges which now possesses same; continuation of “daylight saving” time in any section of the United States; and employment in public schools of teachers addicted to the use of cigarettes.”  This is only a few listed in his address.
We can say times have changed.


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