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Community Service News
Community Service News: Deadlines Will Be Here Before You Know It

By Noal & Marcia Miller, Directors

  August 1, 2019 --

The Hot days of Summer are upon us and we hope that you are a cool and relaxing. The Blue Book is out and the Community Service work sheets are given to each Grange, make sure that the Secretary gives those reports the Community Service Committee so they can fill out the reports. Every Grange should submit a because we hear of all the things Grangers do through Facebook so you should be able to file a Community Service Report.

This year the Fire Fighter, Police Officer and School Teacher forms are out, look around for that outstanding person who should be recognized for the hard work that they do for our Community.

Deadlines will soon be here so while you are chilling by the pool or Air conditioner take time to fill out your forms.



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