Tuesday, October 20, 2020
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August 2019 News from Vernon Grange No. 52

By Cherie Robinson

  August 2, 2019 --

Aug. 2: The Dog Days of Summer Annual Potluck Picnic

We cleaned our closets, and headed over to the Vernon Grange section at the Strong Farm Big Bad Barn Sale. While we didn’t make a lot of money, we had lots of fun and lots of Good Grange Spirit was passed around. If you missed getting any of our treasures, you are in luck! Coventry Grange will be offering them with all kinds of other treasures at their next tag sale!

In July we all participated in the program titled ‘It Happened in the USA’. We continue to plan for our BBQ for the veterans at Phelps Village in Rockville. We also continue to collect toiletries and nonperishable food items for them. The proceeds from our tag sale will go towards purchasing items to support the veterans.

On August 2, we will have our annual potluck picnic at the Strong Farm, weather permitting. We will write postcards to deployed troops to thank them for their sacrifices to keep our country free to allow us to travel about. We will also discuss plans for the upcoming Grange year. You are welcome , but please be sure to call ahead to find out where we will be potluck picnicking. After all, it is New England, and we know how the weather changes here!



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