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Family Activities News
Family Activities: Big E & CWA Reports

By Cindy Legg, CT State Grange Family Activities Director

  September 1, 2019 --

Hello everyone. Hope all of you had a wonderful and safe summer. It sure was a hot one.

Just a reminder: The Big E starts on Friday, September 13 and will run until September 29. If you you have anything to donate, you can bring it directly to the fairgrounds the week before. Thank you in advance for your donations.

I would also like to thank all of you that sent in your CWA reports. Our committee is working on plans for 2019-2020. Our theme is “ships.” Enjoy the autumn season, it is a beautiful one.

A special hello goes out to Loretta Rowland of Oxford, on the passing of her husband Phil. Phil was a long time member of the Grange and a sweet and gentle man. He will be greatly missed.



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