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Around The Grange
October 2019 News from Colchester Grange No. 78

By Catherine Russi

  October 4, 2019 --

Colchester Grange is very active with community spirit. Recently a thank you note was received from Sarah Praisner and Michael Bear seniors graduating from Bacon Academy. They were very thankful for the $500.00 each received from the scholarships the Colchester Grange offered to help further their education.

Leonard Farm donated fresh vegetables for the cooking programs members conduct at Harrington Court Rehab. Center. Monthly members have interesting conversations with residents about their past cooking talents and work with them to create a tasty treat.

Bonnie Trecarten is utilizing her creativity by providing stimulating, interesting programs.

All the Colchester members are very supportive as member Cathy Russi chairs her twelve year for the Make A Difference Program. Nationally, the fourth weekend in October is Make A Difference Day Weekend. The program’s mission is to reach out to help others. Our program offers support to the Haitian Health Foundation. The program is looking for donations of flip flops, new underwear for children, hygiene products, sunglasses, socks, hats, dolls and hot wheel cars. People can offer cash or purchase a goat for $150.00. We have decided to purchase a goat and have a contest to name the goat. Our group will receive a picture of the named goat being presented to a family in Haiti. The gift will provide a pregnant goat to a rural family in Haiti. The animals are known to be a hardy and adaptive to any terrain. Recipients of a goat are taught how to breed, barter and use the meat as a source of animal protein. Offering a goat to a family gives independence and improves their nutrition while offering a better life for the family.

Colchester Grange #78 hold their meetings the second Monday monthly @ 7:00 at Saint Andrew Church Hall. We encourage members and guest to join us for every meeting. Feel free to contact Cathy Russi at 860-887-9621 or crussi45@sbcglobal.net if you have any questions regarding the activities Colchester is involved with.


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