Monday, October 19, 2020
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December 2019 News from Enfield Grange No. 151

By Irene Percoski

  December 27, 2019 --

Jan. 11:  Potatoes – Judy

Feb. 8:  Beets - Richard.

It seems funny to be reporting for January when it is just a little before Thanksgiving, but I will do my best. We had a wonderful Nov. meeting followed by a delicious turkey lunch with all the trimmings, thank you Claudia and Sylvia for the main dishes. We decided to add a heavy duty plastic rain poncho to the packs we are donating to the Enfield Police and the East Windsor police. It is one size fits all and has snaps on the side to open up to use as a cover. It also has a hood with a draw string. We made 18 totes from tee shirts, then filled them with most of the essential items that homeless people can really use. Now we will have a work session to make 18 scarves from fleece to add to the totes which we will deliver after our Dec. meeting.

Going along with our Food thyme, Potatoes is our program for January. You never know what you can uncover about some food until you start digging. (Pardon the pun). I know that Judy will come up with something special. As always, if the weather is too bad for the meeting it will be postponed until the following Saturday. If in doubt, please call the day before.

On a sad note our former member May Alevo passed away after a long illness, and we send our sympathy to her family.



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