Thursday, October 29, 2020
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Around The Grange
January 2020 Musings from Winchester Grange

By Todd Gelineau

  January 11, 2020 --

Jan. 14:  A New Year - Ref. by Randy & Kim Carlson

Jan. 28:  An Ice Month (Country Store), Ref. by Todd Gelineau

Winchester Grange was delighted to welcome two new members at our December meeting. They began their Grange journeys with the Welcome Ceremony conducted by Master Peter Keefe.

We are currently working on two very different projects. With the completion of the siding repair on the south side of the building, our attention has turned to the front of the old firehouse and the trim around the garage doors. Soon this will be repaired/replaced giving the hall an even “spiffier” appearance.

As you all know, it is very hard for Grangers to part with anything that still has some use left in it. Winchester Grange has 200 or so chairs that have been continuously used since the “new” Grange hall was dedicated in 1952. Almost 68 years later, those chairs are in need of replacement. A member of our Executive Committee is in the process of collecting samples of new chairs for us to look over and then we will decide how we will finance their replacement.

Hall maintenance is a constant concern for our members and it can only be done a little bit at a time. We currently carry a loan from the State Grange which has enabled us to fund the replacement of the Grange boiler (a number of years ago) and the repaving of the Grange parking lot/driveway just last year. Donations of any amount will  be greatly appreciated and applied to whichever project(s) the donor prefers. Feel free to send them to Winchester Grange, P.O. Box 155, Winchester Center, CT 06094.

Winchester Center has always looked beautiful at all times of the year but with the improvements at the Grange hall and the restoration being done across the Green at the Chapel, Winchester Center will continue to be beautiful for many years to come.

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