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From The Lecturer's Desk
From The Lecturer's Desk: Why Not Enter the

By Marge Bernhardt, CT State Grange Lecturer

  February 1, 2020 --


have been getting a lot of questions on this years’ contests. These two- year projects were sent out by our State Secretary a few months ago to all Secretaries. This included the Lecturer’s information. I also sent it out again to all our Lecturers last fall. I would be happy to send a copy to anyone else who wants a copy. Please, we need your support to help our Granges move forward.

This month I would like to review our “A Number” Contest. This contest has been going on for many years. It was designed so that every Grange can enter. The theme is “Holidays” – This can be on any recognized holiday. Any number suitable for a Grange Meeting is eligible. It only takes one member. You can do a monologue, or even a reading.  Why not do a tableau. That would only take one person to read and others to remain motion- less on stage. Or, how about a skit? Got some members with good voices? You could sing a song or songs relating to one of our holidays. The time limit is six minutes. This includes set-up and the performance.

All entries will go directly to State for judging in June. Numbers will be judged on presentation, quality, audience appeal, appropriateness of theme, and originality. All entries go directly to the State for judging in June.

There are a lot of great Grange happenings around our State. If you want help getting information out to other Grangers just send me the information (posters are great) and I will see that it is sent out to those who have email. And, if you want to get added to this list, just send me your email address (mbcb76@yahoo. com or lecturer@ctstategrange.org) and I will be glad to include you.

See you around the State.



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