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Family Activities News
Farewell to the Hanahoe Clinic

By Joan Ziegler, State Women's Activities Committee

  APRIL 2009 --

Spring at last and time for fresh new projects and I have just the thing for you to do.  Take a look through your favorite recipes and pick out your best appetizers, soups and salads.  This year the New England Granges are going to publish a cookbook to be sold at the Grange Building at the Big E.  So many people ask if there is a Grange cookbook they can buy so this year they’ve decided to have one printed containing appetizers, soups and salads and if this is successful other books will follow containing main dishes, desserts etc.  If you would like to have one or more of your recipes included in this year’s book please send them to Betty-Jane by May  1st for consideration.  This project should be a good money-maker for the Grange Building.  Cookbooks always sell well and Grangers have a reputation for making good food.
On a different note – I received a letter recently from The Hanahoe Children’s Clinic.  As you probably remember the Clinic was one of our State CWA Projects a few years back.  I thought the letter might be a request for a donation so I was surprised to see that after 35-plus years and over 88 thousand patient visits Dr. Hines is going to retire and after much consideration has decided to close the Clinic as of June 30th.  There are several new medical providers in the Danbury area now that offer low cost or free pediatric care so she felt that her clients would be taken care of.  The last paragraph of her letter says “This is a difficult  letter to write because I feel much sadness at leaving the patients and saying goodbye to you, my friends.  I hope they and you know that I have done my best and that you will feel very happy for the good that your donations have done over all these years.  My thoughts and prayers are always with you all”.
Any time that I stopped at the Clinic to bring your donations of money, baby things or all those nice stuffed toys you made she was most appreciative.  I’m sure we all wish her a wonderful retirement.
And I hope you all have a purrfectly beautiful spring and summer.  After all you are the “Cat’s Meow”.


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