Sunday, October 25, 2020
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Around The Grange
March 2020 News from Enfield Grange No. 151

By Irene Percoski

  March 27, 2020 --

Apr. 11: Carrots

May 9: Beans

Our Community Service Project received a positive response from the East Windsor Community Center. The cold weather survival bags were very much appreciated.  Our Grange is small and to everyone who contributed to the project, thank you. In February our program was “Beets” and I found out that you can grow beet greens in your window. Other beet facts and discussions were more interesting and of course were appropriately red for Valentine’s Day. We got recipes for roasting and making Borscht. For refreshments we had Beet and spinach salad, pickled beets, Harvard beets, and beet cake, and everyone went home

with a package of ready-to-eat cooked beets to keep in the cupboard. I can’t wait to see what next month will bring.

On a somber note we heard of the death of a former member Elaine Lietz. When she was transferred from her home to a nursing facility several years ago we lost contact with her and she had no other family, and because of security rules no-one could give out information.

This enforces the fact that we need to try harder to stay in contact with our brothers and sisters so things like this don’t happen.



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